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27 October
Madison, Wisconsin, United States
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Where I'm at and how I got here. Hmmmm.... not really sure where I'm at so maybe I'll start with how i got wherever here is. A lot of college is a blur. I spent years running myself into the ground, became stagnant. Eventually I got my BA in Mathematics and moved to madison. I had lots of ideas about what i thought things were going to be like. *I have to laught at myself at this point* Anyways, nothing turned out as planned. I'm quazi back in school. In as much as a tech school qualifies as school anyways. For a long time I let life slide by, telling myself that I'd "get to it" after school. Well, it's "after school" and I have a lot of catching up to do. It's time to stop "just getting bye" and start living again. Easier said than done.

I don't plan on being in Madison for more than a couple years. Then it's off to Colorado most likely. I'm thinking of going to Grad school out there.

If you're reading this to try and get a sense about who I am or what I'm like..... Give up. There's only one way to do that.